One Year
of Connex!
It's our first anniversary! Thank you for your engagement and loyalty to JTI Connex. To celebrate, we have put together some facts about our first year which we hope you find interesting and maybe surprising!
Fact 1
Our user's favourite quiz topic are the Brain Teasers!
These quizzes have users test their knowledge of the world from naming the city a famous statue is found in to what planet has the lowest temperature, there really is a question for everyone.
Fact 2
Our users love spending their points in the Bonus Shop with Easons having the most redemptions!
Does it surprise you given the shop has everything from books to stationery and gifts for all occasions.
Fact 3
Over the last year 1,155 promo codes were activated!
We hope you enjoyed the discounts which they gave you.
Fact 4
Our users really seem to enjoy playing our mini-games!
With over 14,000 sessions in the last year, there seems to be a few gamers among our users.
Do you know that in the one year, one user spent a total of 236,300 points!?
Fact 5
Since Connex first launched, there have been 6,625 questions asked in 1,325 quizzes!
Fact 6
Hard to believe that many questions have been asked in the last year.
Finally, we can't hide our appreciation for you! Thank you for being apart of JTI Connex this last year, time does fly when you're having fun. We hope to celebrate our second anniversary with you next year and you can expect new articles, challenges, quizzes and of course points to spend in the Bonus Shop!